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GOMaximo 2022 Initial Topics List

The Board of Directors is hard at work putting the final touches on the GOMaximo 2022 schedule. We wanted to give you a few of the presentations planned for our event.

View the approved session list:  GOMaximo 2022 Session Overview 


Here are just a few of the sessions from GOMaximo 2022.
We hope to see you in Houston. 

Asset Lifecycle Management:
Importance of Cross-Functional Document Management
Crisis to Control:
Visualize Operational Risk with Barrier Management
Defining Contributors and Detractors to Equipment Health
Exploring the New Training Application in Maximo Oil & Gas/HSE
Get More out of Maximo Oil & Gas/HSE with Audits & Surveys
How to Create an Inspection Form using Maximo Work Centers
Introduction to OpenShift:
Under the Hood of Maximo Application Suite (MAS)
Labor Management in Maximo
Leak Management:
Track Service Interruptions, Inspections, and Repairs in Maximo
The Port of Houston, Poised for Growth
Using Mobility to Optimize Fleet Management for Oil & Gas Organizations

See the rest of the session topics and descriptions:
GOMaximo 2022 Session Overview