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 For regulated industries, including oil and gas, where safety and compliance are vital, Cohesive offers a transformative approach to full asset lifecycle management. As the world’s largest Maximo implementor, one of the first to implement MAS, and an IBM Platinum Business Partner, we deliver enterprise asset management and advisory services that are deeply aligned with the sector’s regulatory landscape.

Cohesive’s offerings empower companies to leverage data, digital twins, and AI, ensuring operations align with Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) standards. Our decades of expertise mean your assets are managed with the utmost attention to compliance, reducing risk, and enhancing reliability.

We go beyond software deployment by providing strategic advice, integration services, and systems deployment. Cohesive ensures your business outcomes are sustainably achieved. Our commitment to asset lifecycle management means that every asset is maximized for performance and safety from inception to retirement.

Choosing Cohesive means investing in a future where asset management is proactive, predictive, and aligned with the industry’s rapid evolution. It’s about creating a resilient operation that thrives on technological advancements and data-driven decisions, and about future-proofing your operations and excelling in a competitive landscape where efficiency, sustainability, and compliance are the keys to success.

Interloc Solutions stands out as an esteemed IBM Platinum Business Partner, specializing in cutting-edge consulting, application hosting, and managed services tailored to address your Maximo business requirements. With our Mobile Informer platform, we redefine mobility, ensuring seamless accessibility without sacrificing functionality.

We offer a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions, meticulously crafted to implement asset management business across the enterprise. Our team’s expertise guarantees a smooth transition, empowering your organization with the full spectrum of Maximo capabilities. Interloc delivers several managed services offerings designed to accommodate all levels of administrative and infrastructure needs.

Whether you’re seeking to optimize asset management, streamline workflows, or enhance operational efficiency, Interloc Solutions is your trusted partner for success. Our commitment extends beyond consultation; we’re dedicated to supporting your journey towards excellence in every facet of your utilization of Maximo.

Experience the difference with Interloc Solutions – where innovation meets reliability, and aspirations transform into accomplishments. Join hands with us today to unlock the true potential of your Maximo investment and embark on a transformative journey towards unparalleled success.

Since 1992, InterPro Solutions has been implementing, customizing, and supporting Maximo. We know what has worked for our clients, and we’ve incorporated that knowledge into the core of our products and services.

We built our flagship product, EZMaxMobile as a start of the art mobile solution that allows you to simplify processes, save time and money and increase satisfaction on the front lines of work and throughout your organization

Maven, a distinguished IBM Partner, is dedicated to delivering unparalleled asset management solutions using Maximo. Specializing in implementations and upgrades, we uphold the highest standards to address real-world challenges. 

Our certified professionals blend industry knowledge, technical expertise, and a proven approach to ensure excellence in our clients’ projects. At Maven, we prioritize precision, reliability, and innovation, positioning ourselves as leaders in the realm of Maximo solutions.

Strategic Maintenance Solutions, Inc. (SMS) is a trusted Industrial IoT Solutions adviser and a global leader in the implementation, enhancement, and validation of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), and Calibrated Asset Management systems.

Founded in 1999, SMS brings extensive engineering, operational, and maintenance experience in diverse industries including Oil & Gas, Life Sciences, Healthcare, Aerospace, and Facilities Management. SMS has achieved and maintains the IBM Platinum Business Partner accreditation. We continue to deliver innovative and high-quality solutions aimed at helping our clients realize tangible and sustainable operational improvements.

TriNmax is dedicated to maximizing the capabilities of IBM Maximo through comprehensive professional services and customized solutions.

Our team of IBM-certified consultants is proficient in refining and developing processes essential for successful asset management. These encompass maintenance, lifecycle and inventory management, procurement, customer service, and ITIL support.

TriNmax is also home to the Nmax Suite – a set of solution applications that enrich and simplify Maximo. ScanNmax, our latest automated optimization solution, reduces invoicing processing time from minutes to seconds.

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